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Hi, I'm Vaibhav Shinde

Developer / Designer making crafted, secure products from 🇮🇳

Featured Projects

Good Grid

A zero-dependency and lightweight library to make responsive grids of videos/photos/anything.

🎨 Wind Themes

A lightweight tailwindcss plugin that handles multiple themes

Latest Blog Posts

Getting Started With Web Components Using Stencil

This blog post covers everything you need to know about web components, its libraries, and how we leverage it at Dyte.

Making Good Grid

How I made a grid that's good.

Customize Your Video & Audio Calls With Dyte's new UI Kit SDK

Tired of using non-customizable meeting UI SDKs that are not tailor-made to match your needs? Introducing UI Kit!

Open-sourcing Dyte Docs

Dyte is pleased to share that we have made our documentation site open-sourced. Know more about how we have done it for Docusaurus, Stoplight, and Tailwind.

BugPoC LFI CTF Writeup

My writeup for the LFI CTF organized by BugPoC.